1. What is Clases con Federico?

Clases con Federico is a Spanish online school via Skype or Webex. Lessons are through Video Conference.

2. How does Clases con Federico work?

Your first step is to contact Federico through the application form in which you will pick the course you want to take, your schedule preferences and some personal details.

Federico will contact you personally by mail and you will arrange one free taster lesson via Skype or Webex. We will have the chance to meet each other, to see how Clases con Federico works, the teacher will test your level and if you agree with the plan you just have to arrange the timetable!

3. What is the free lesson taster?

In Clases con Federico, You have the option of using the Free Lesson Taster. You will hold a conversation with the teacher for 20-30 minutes in order to assess your Spanish level.
After the Lesson:

a) You will be able to decide whether this way of learning is the one that best fits you.

b) Clases con Federico will suggest the best course for you and the most appropriate level according to your needs, your skills and your Spanish knowledge.

4. What does a lesson at Clases con Federico consist of?

The teacher will call you via Skype the arranged date. At the moment you pick up the call, the lesson starts (as you pick up the call). The teacher will have chosen a topic for conversation, a task or a grammar unit prepared for you. As you work on the activities proposed you will be able to solve your doubts. Before the end of the lesson, the teacher will recommend some review activities you need to practise at home. Then, you can send them back by email to the teacher for the correction. In any case, you can always get in touch with the teacher whenever you have a doubt. After every lesson, you will also receive a feedback report and the recap from de lesson.

5. How long does a lesson take?

The length of a lesson is of: 30’, 60’ and 90’.

6. Do I need to use the Webcams during the lesson?

It is recommended to use the webcam in order to make the communication more effective between student and teacher. Besides, the body language is essential at this level of communication. However, the use of a webcam will always be optional for the student.

7. What language does the teacher speak during the class?

During the lesson, the teacher will speak Spanish mainly. This will push you to use the language to communicate in a real way. However, if it is necessary for the grammar explanations, the teacher will speak in English.

8. How often should I attend class and study Spanish?

Every student is free to decide how many hours he or she is taking a week (1, 2, 3…5). You can have as many lessons as you want, however, the best is to have at least 2 lessons a week because a continuous contact with the language will help you in the learning process.

9. When will I notice that my Spanish is improving?

It is the student who learns and the responsible for his learning. The teacher can only give him the resources and the most suitable activities, explanations, suggestions to learn out of the lessons, etc. The teacher rol is as a guide.

The learnings process will depend on every student, his motivation and willing to learn Spanish, the number of hours he or she takes, the work done out of the lesson, etc. As a general fact, after 10 or 20 lessons, under the normal circumstances, the student should notice the improvement.

10. How can I cancel a lesson?

Whenever a student wants to cancel a lesson, he must inform within 24 hours before the lesson. The cancel is completely for free.

If the lesson is scheduled for Wednesday, 2nd of April, at 12:00 pm, the student must tell the teacher before Tuesday, 1st April at 12:00 pm. If that’s not the case, the student will miss the lesson.

You can cancel the lesson using any of the communication ways set at the contact section.

11. Can Clases con Federico cancel a lesson?

Clases con Federico will cancel a lesson only in case of connection problems, cut-offs, natural disasters, zombie attacks, UFOs, ants, mutant rats or turtles, etc. This lesson will be made up as soon as possible according to the student availability and without any extra charge for the student.

12. What happens if a lesson is interrupted by a technical problem (computer failure, Internet, headphones…)?

Don’t worry. Clases con Federico will pospone the lesson and we will make it up any other day that fits you ando f course, with no extra charge.

13. What happens if I am late?

Your teacher will contact you either by phone, Skype or email. If alter 10-15 minutes it’s been impossible to contact you, the lesson is considered cancelled.

14. Which time zone should I keep in mind to arrange the lessons?

Keep in mind that Clases con Federico is based in Spain. In the link below you can consult the map and time zones and so, calculate the time difference between Spain and your country www.timeanddate.com

15. How can I pay the lessons?

There are two ways:

16. Can I have a certificate for the course done?

Clases con Federico offers personal lessons independent from any official institution. Therefore, we don’t give any certificate because it wouldn’t have any official validity. If you’re interested in taking the Diploma en Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), the Spanish official certificate by Cervantes Institute, click here..

17. Does Clases con Federico have any Studies program?

Yes, our lessons program is based in the Curricular Plan of the Instituto Cervantes, which fixes and develops the reference levels for Spanish according to the recommendations by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • A1: Beginner. Intro.
  • A2: Elementary.
  • B1: Intermediate
  • B2: Upper intermediate
  • C1: Advanced
  • C2: Proficiency

18. If I decide to apply for the first free lesson, Do I take on a commitment?

No. This 30 minutes lesson, for free, is thought to allow you to know Clases con Federico y live my learning methodology without a commitment. In case you decide that the courses don’t fit with your needs, there won’t be any charge, nor any problem.

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