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My name is Federico and I am a Spanish Online Teacher for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE). I was born in the North of Spain, in a beautiful city in the Basque Country, called Vitoria-Gasteiz.

I studied to become a Music Teacher in Bilbao, at the Basque Country University. After finishing, I studied the degree in Psychology and Pedagogy (UPV, San Sebastián) because I wanted to understand both the mental and affective processes that take part in the teacher-student relationship when studying a new language. I also used the different approaches (the direct method, the communicative language teaching (CLT), the task-based approach…) and I implemented them in the different languages that I was learning at that time (English, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Euskera). I obtained the degree as a Teacher for Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) in 2008 (IH International House) and I travelled all around Europe for the following two years.

During this trip, I lived and worked in Manchester (England) and in Gothenburg (Sweden). It was there that I found myself as both as teacher and a student. As a result, I have become more sensitive towards the student and the teacher needs. It definitely was a great learning experience and a way to reconsider all the methods I had studied. Through these experiences, I discovered my own way of theaching that I could find my way of teaching Spanish.

During the winter I usually work as a personal online Spanish teacher. I spend the summer working as a face-to-face Spanish teacher at Lacunza, a Spanish school in San Sebastián. In September I work for the University of the Basque Country as a Spanish teacher for international exchange students.

During my 10 years of experience, I have met many different people and encountered different ways of learning. I have been lucky enough to share a class or a connection and always with students from ages 10 to 74, always with excellent results. I feel very fortunate and proud.

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Teaching Method

  • Clases con Federico uses the communicative approach focused on the language as a social skill and is also inspired by task-based language learning.
  • In order to achieve the best results, the lessons consist of more methods such as the audio-lingual method to improve pronunciation, direct method to comprehension or sentence translation.
  • Clases con Federico thinks that mistakes are positive, respect and empathy help in the learning process, there are as many ways as there are students, motivation and effort make up for talent, and the teacher must be a guide in the process.
  • Clases con Federico supports personalised, real and interactive teaching. Courses are flexible and are designed in accordance with each student. We will keep in mind the characteristics of every student, their needs and tastes.
  • Our lessons follow the guideline from the Instituto Cervantes Curricular Plan which develops and determine the reference levels for Spanish according to the recommendations given by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  • Clases con Federico is going to improve the student Skills in learning, speaking, writing and readingin Spanish.
  • The Internet offers thousands of resources and Clases con Federico will screen and adapt them for every student and will also update the lessons regularly.
“Let us remember to try!”
Alfredo Bryce Echenique

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